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Born and raised in Japan, and now living in Los Angeles, California.  I have been living in my dream: being a creator has become my career. Meeting my husband here in LA and having my own children ignited my artistic inspiration, I got a camera and started documenting them. 

All these memories in the albums are my family treasure and will be cherished for years to come. I started doing the same for my friends and word of mouth has spread so I quit my day job 7 years ago, and now I have been specializing in photographing families, babies & children, Japanese commemorative photos such as Shichi Go San(children's growth celebration), Seijinshiki(Japanese coming of age celebration), business portraits with natural backgrounds, and even started doing building-architectural photography.

“  Have Fun,  Just be YOU  !  ” is my photographic style. My goal is to provide my clients as many different images with a variety of expressions. I offer reasonable pricing so that 98% of my clients end up purchasing ALL the final images from their photo session in addition to many physical prints. Myself being a mother, I totally understand it is almost impossible to choose a few images among all the final images of my children!

I mainly use available & natural light, both indoors and out, for all of my portrait sessions. The photo session will never be rushed. It will be a relaxed and fun photographic experience for everyone involved. 

It will be a great honor and pleasure for me to work with you to create something special.                               Sincerely, Akiko

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